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Windows Mail Backup and Windows Live Mail Backup with WinMail Backup - E-Mail backup made easy

WinMail Backup - Databackup for Windows Mail

An overview:
Current Version:
4.1.0 from 30.08.2011
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Price of Fullversion:
from 17.95 EUR

Backup for Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail?

Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail are the default e-mail clients under Windows Vista and Windows 7. But both programms lack an important functionality: The possibility of a data backup!

Create complete Backups of all your e-mails, contacts and calendars. Protect your most important data - use WinMail Backup.

Download the Freeware Version and test WinMail Backup without any risk!

The free version has no functional or time limited restrictions compared to the full version!

Advantages of the full version

During regular use the full version offers many advantages in terms of comfort, performance and security:

  • Commercial use allowed
  • More comfort through optimized program functions
    • Up to 5 times faster backups
    • Upg to 40% higher compression of backup files
  • More simple automated backups
  • High security through AES encryption of your data
  • free Support
  • no time limitation of licence validity

All Advantages of WinMail Backup:

  • WinMail Backup automatically recognises whether Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail is being used on the system
  • Easy back ups of all important Windows Mail-, Windows Live Mail and Windows Calendar data just by the click of a button
  • The tiresome and cumbersome process of looking for Windows Mail data that has been distributed randomly in the system is eliminated completely
  • Simple import of backed up Outlook Express data into Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail
  • Automatic, time-scheduled backups
  • All data stored in compressed backup files

Import of Outlook Express data in Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail

Automatic recognition and acquistion of all Outlook Express data and settings is not possible with Windows (Live) Mail.

WinMail Backup offers an easy solution to this problem: WinMail Backup can open backups created by our BackupTool for Outlook Express and import the data contained in these backups into Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail.!

The transfer of E-Mails, Accounts, Filter rules etc from Outlook Express to Windows (Live) Mail now becomes a simple job. Very simply, a WinMail Backup is created from the Outlook Express data!

WinMail TransferPack

We offer you the possibility of buying the BackupTool for Outlook Express and WinMail Backup in a favourable package. You receive a full fledged license for WinMail Backup and a basic license (A full fledged version but with no access to upgrades) of the BackupTool . You save a whooping 40% on the entire package against the purchase of the two tools separately!

Order Now!

How the tool works

WinMail Backup automatically recognises all Windows Mail- / Windows Live Mail- and Windows Calendar Data currently being used and collects them together.

During the backup you are lead step by step to each level of the process and allows you to choose what data you wish to backup and what you wish to exclude.

Which data are backed up?

  • E-Mail folders
  • Windows Calendar
  • E-Mail- and News-Accounts (POP, IMAP, News and Directory services)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Windows Contacts
  • Windows Live Contacts
  • Blocked senders
  • Safe senders
  • List of recently mailed senders
  • Program settings
  • Signatures
  • Filter rules
  • Internet Explorer Favorites
  • Internet Explorer settings
  • Firefox Bookmarks
  • Stationery
  • User dictionaries
  • Cookie settings

Other Functions

  • Automatic scheduled Backups
  • Encryption of backed up data with a password
  • Automatic verification of backups for errors
  • File viewer to enable viewing of the contents in the backup file.
  • Update function
  • And many more...

Restoration of data is carried out exactly like the backup process. The required data can be individually selected and by restoration can be directly inserted into Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail. This data is immediately available for access.


WinMail is compatible with all versions of Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Windows Calendar.

WinMail Backup can be used exclusively only to backup Windows (Live) Mail Data. For data backup of other E-mail programs like Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird (What is what?) use our other programs like: Outlook Backup Assistantor BackupTool for Outlook Express or Thunderbird Backup

More questions?

Do you have more questions about Outlook Backup Assistant or any of our products in general? Simply write an E-mail to our support team. We would be glad to answer your questions.Do not hesitate!