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Outlook Attachment Tools - Fast and easy attachment handling in Outlook - Four tools in one Outlook AddOn

Outlook Attachment Tools

An Overview:
Current Version:
2.0.1 from 26.11.2010
Available languages:
DE (EN coming soon)
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from 14.95 EUR

Outlook Attachment Tools - What is it?

A large number of E-Mails with attachments are sent and received on a regular basis in all firms and private offices alike. Attachments include Offers, Invoices, Photos, Presentations and numerous other documents.

With Outlook Attachment Tools, you obtain vast amount of help to aid you in coping with the large data influx:
Outlook Attachment Tools - Attachment reminder
Attachment Reminder
Outlook Attachment Tools - Attachment reminder
Attachment Manager
Outlook Attachment Tools - Attachment reminder
Outlook Attachment Tools - Attachment reminder
Security Manager
Outlook Attachment Tools - Attachment reminder
Reply with Attachments
You receive all 5 programs combined in one AddIn tool for Outlook!

How each individual tool performs?

Attachment reminder

Its a common occurence that you compose an E-Mail and state that a file is attached to it, but eventually forget to insert the file. A short while later you receive a reply announcing the obvious missing attachment!. With the AddIn Attachment Reminder you can be sure that such a situation never occurs in the future!

  • Automatic reminder for every E-mail attempting to be dispatched without an attachment
    Reminder only when an E-mail without an inserted attachment, contains predefined phrases like "Attached is a file", "Enclosed is a file", etc.
  • The list of predefined phases that activate the reminder, can be freely modified and altered to suit user requirements.
  • Optional restriction on monitoring one's mail text (when you reply to an E-mail, the original mail text is not scanned for phrases)
  • Optional case sensitive activation
Screen shots and Flash Demo

Attachment Manager

When some files are regularly used as attachments, the AddIn tool comes in handy. Choose the files that you would like to attach only once, and in the future the same files can be accessed by the click of a button and can be inserted into the E-mail. The AddIn tool looks for the files on your computer and inserts it into the E-mail and completes the task for you!

  • Definition of several attachments possible
  • Clear and concise classification of attachments into categories
  • Insertion of defined attachments on the click of a button
  • Simultaneous insertion of all attachments belonging to a category
Screenshots and Flash demo


Sending and receiving of large files can consume a lot of time and can block the reciever's inbox needlessly.

The ZipTool offers a solution to this problem by sending all attachment files packed into a compressed Zip-file. This saves disk space and reduces the load on the receiver.

  • Easy zipping of all attachments belonging to a new E-Mail
  • Numerous options for automatic selection of files and the manner in which they are to be zipped.
  • Automatic zipping of files before dispatching the E-Mail
Screenshots and Flash demo

Security Manager

For security reasons, Outlook versions since 2002 have begun to block certain specific file types. Unfortunately, this function cannot be deactivated even for attachments received from trust worthy sources.

With the Security Manager you can determine which file types you would like to block and which file types are safe and can be kept unblocked.

  • Clear, concise list of all blocked file types
  • Simple unblocking of file types by the click of a buttonk
  • List with customisable blocked attachments
  • Permanent unblocking of a file type or only until the next restart of Outlook(When access to a blocked file type is needed only temporarily)
Screenshots and Flash demo

Reply with Attachments

Despite all its possibilities Outlook lacks on simple function: The automatic transfer of attachments from a massage to an answer.

The function Reply with Attachments integrates perfectly into the existing Outlook user interface and bridges this gap.

  • Perfekt integration into the existing Outlook user Interface.
  • Automatic transfer of all attachments from a message to a reply.
  • Supports "Reply" and "Reply All".
  • Function available in the Outlook main window and the read message window.

Other Highlights

  • Compatible with all current operating systems: Windows 98 to Vista and Outlook 2000 to 2007 (Security-Manager from Outlook 2002)
  • Easy function to save and load AddIn settings
  • Simple Installation - Download, install, begin use...
  • User friendly with intuitive operation
  • Free Test version for testing and trial of all functions
  • 5 Programs - 1 Price: The Full version is available for 14,95 EUR