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OEXtract - Data reader for DBX data

An overview:
Current Version:
1.0.5 from 04.09.2008
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from 14.95 EUR

What does OEXtract do?

Outlook Express saves all E-mails contained in the Inbox under collective DBX-Data. OEXtract opens this data and its corresponding messages for viewing or for other processes.

OEXtract makes management and archiving of your E-mails a easy,efficient and simple task. And all this, completely independent of Outlook Express.

OEXtract is therefore perfect as a Backuptool for Outlook Express!

OEXtract Screenshot

Advantages of using OEXtract

  • Easy opening of archived E-mails.
  • Completely independent of Outlook Express
  • Exporting of E-mail attachments from several messages simultaneously
  • Exporting of individual E-mails from a DBX-data file
  • Reading of backed up E-mails directly from backed up data
  • Perfect co-ordination of Backuptool with Outlook Express.

Where can OEXtract be used? Application examples:

Example 1:

In the case that you receive regular E-mails about business reports or holiday pictures as attachments from a friend or colleague, you can use OEXtract to store these attachments as backup files if you dont want to lose these attachments as a victim to system crashes or E-mails viruses.

When using Outlook Express, you must open each and every E-mail , select every attachment and choose a location under which you wish to save them and then back them up. If many E-mails have accumulated over time, this can become a very tiring and cumbersome process.

With OEXtract this process become really simple and can be finished in minutes.. Simply open the DBX-file that, contains the E-mail message of your choice, choose the Export function for the E-mail attachment and begin the export process. All attachments in the E-mail get automatically backed up and sorted according to different criteria of your choice!

Example 2:

If you wish to backup a Outlook Express E-mail folder then you can use for e.g. our BackupTool for Outlook Express. Now, if you are looking for a telephone number from a business contact or partner which is contained in a backed up E-mail folder, when only Outlook Express is being used , you first need to import the desired folder into Outlook and then look for the telephone number contained in the E-mail.

With OEXtract the backed up E-mail folder can be directly opened from the backed up files, and the desired E-mail can be read.The detour with Outlook Express is completely eliminated.

More questions?

Do you have more questions about OEXtract or any of our products in general? Simply write an E-mail to our support team. We would be glad to answer your questions. Do not hesitate!